In his Talking Points Memo tonight, Bill O'Reilly said that the public school system in America is causing minority students to be doomed to a life of poverty and chaos.  

O'Reilly said that a recent CNN poll found that 17 percent of Americans think education is the most important issue facing the country. 

"The Factor" host said that America spends the second highest amount on students in the world, but students still don't perform well on standardized tests. 

He explained that there's a new, fairly secret approach to public education that is part of the reason why this is happening. 

O'Reilly said that the Pacific Educational Group (PEG) advocates for teachers to treat minority students differently than white students. 

"It is critical for educators to address racial issues in order to uncover personal and institutional biases that prevent all students, and especially students of color, from reaching their fullest potential," the PEG philosophy states. 

"What's happening here is that minority students at risk in poor neighborhoods are being told they don't have to obey the same rules as white kids," O'Reilly stated. "They have a special status, because of their circumstance."

He said that in the end, the PEG's program hurts the very children it is allegedly trying to help and that school districts are "dooming many of them to a life of poverty and chaos."

Watch the full Memo in the video above. 

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