Ann Coulter sat down with Megyn Kelly to explain why she has called for a 10-year freeze on immigration in the United States. 

Coulter on 'Hannity': 'Never in History Has a Nation Been Transformed Like This'


As her new book on immigration hits the shelves, Coulter argued that the left's plan to change the demographics of the country goes all the way back to Ted Kennedy in 1965.

"This isn't a fantasy of mine. I have them on record and being quoted in the book. The culture of America is being changed. ... This was done intentionally to our country without checking with the American people," said Coulter. 

She argued that Democrats now claim that their policies are being vindicated in recent elections, but in reality, they "changed the voters."

Megyn Kelly asked Coulter about those who claim that she is afraid of the "browning of America," and accuse her of being racist.

She pointed to Coulter's recent appearance on Fusion in which she got into a heated discussion with Jorge Ramos and then declined to give a hug to an illegal immigrant.

Watch the discussion above.

Check out Ann Coulter's new book, "Adios America: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole."

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