Last September, the Secret Service seized $115,000 from precious metals dealers Tom and Marla Bednar.

The agency alleges that the Bednars made suspicious withdrawals - under $10,000 each time, a process known as "structuring."

They did get their money back, but the government has refused to cover their $25,000 legal bill.

"I was very shocked that something like this could happen in America," Tom said on "Varney & Co." today. "I was in disbelief when I first learned of the fact from our bank vice president saying that we had no money in our account and that we had approximately an hour to come to the bank with a little over $18,000 so that we could make good on checks that were coming due that day."

Did the feds ever explain to you what you had supposedly done wrong? Stuart Varney asked.

"No, there was never any explanation. There was never any warning. Absolutely nothing," Tom said.

Marla revealed that they lost their business and reputation and are only surviving by auctioning off things they had been saving for their retirement.

Varney declared that this is a classic example of why the rule on structuring must be ended.

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