An Ohio judge is making headlines for handing out his own unique brand of justice.

Judge Michael Cicconetti, of Painesville Municipal Court, recently sentenced a defendant to a 30-mile walk for skipping out on a 30-mile, $100 cab fare. Cicconetti explained today on “Fox and Friends” that the teen was given the option of jail time or a 30-mile walk, which had to be completed in less than 48 hours. She chose the latter.

Cicconetti also made headlines for his unique “pepper spray” sentence: a woman who pleaded guilty to pepper spraying a victim was then shot with a water-based “training spray” as punishment. Cicconetti said he sprayed himself with the solution three times to ensure that it wouldn’t be injurious to the defendant. 

The judge’s quirky sentences have been applauded by some of his defendants. Cicconetti recalled his sentence for one defendant who called a police officer a pig – he made the man stand with a pig and say, “This is not a police officer.” Cicconetti has since taken that former defendant to lunch.

“People appreciate not going to jail, but they also understand what I’m doing here,” Cicconetti said, explaining that the recidivism rate for defendants he sentences is lower than people who are handed traditional sentences.

Watch the "Fox and Friends" interview above.

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