Neil Cavuto spoke to former Florida governor and possible 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush today in Orlando, where several Republican presidential hopefuls are attending an economic summit.

Bush said that he will make his decision on 2016 in "relatively short order."

"I'm pretty excited about the prospect, but I just wanted to go through this in an orderly fashion," he explained.

"If I'm a candidate, I want to be the guy to beat," Bush said. "I'm not a candidate yet. It will be a competitive field. There are a lot of really good people running."

He added that he believes that his record as governor is something that voters will respond to.

Do you get the feeling that the loser between you and Marco Rubio in Florida is done? Cavuto asked.

"I don't buy any of the horse race stuff," Bush said. "This is a long process. And if I become a candidate, I'll win if I show my heart, if I advocate ideas that will give people the sense that they can rise up and if I share that I have the leadership skills to make it so."

"I'm a competitive guy. If I become a candidate, my intention is to campaign everywhere and to win."

Watch the full "Your World" interview above.

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