Society is deadass is all fucked up now all you see is people get shot in their own block and all the other bs just stay focused and it will all pay off you just dont see this society no more the cops cooked us

Posted by Jay Todman on Monday, May 18, 2015


Millions have watched and/or shared this feel-good video out of New York City...

Two uniformed NYPD police officers decided to call "next" on these teenagers' pickup game on a Bronx basketball court.

Not only did they have some fun and impress the teens with their skills, they won!

A short video of the game was posted to Facebook by Bronx man Jay Todman, and it has quickly gone viral.

It shows the two officers busting out their best moves, including fadeaways, bank shots and crossovers, as they laugh and high-five the teens.

"You just don’t see this [in] society no more," Todman wrote in the Facebook post. "The cops cooked us."

The video has been shared on Facebook nearly 90,000 times and viewed more than 3.8 million times.

Watch the feel-good cops vs. teens pickup game above.

(WARNING: Video contains some graphic language)

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