Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) spoke to Greta Van Susteren tonight in a wide-ranging interview about the fight against ISIS, abortion and gay marriage.

Graham formally announced earlier today that he is running for president, becoming the ninth GOP candidate to officially enter the race.

Van Susteren asked the presidential candidate if the United States can beat ISIS alone and how he would "take the fight to ISIS."

"Well number one you got to realize that there's a fight for the heart and soul of Islam going on before our eyes," Graham replied. "ISIS is a small minority of people in the Islamic faith."

He stated that the U.S. left Iraq too soon and by doing so, it created "a fracturing of Iraq." 

"President Obama pulled the plug and it all fell apart," Graham said. "The advice he got from his military commanders was sound and he turned it down at his own peril."

"I can promise you that President Obama doesn't know what he's doing," Graham stated. "Can anybody in their right mind say that our plan against ISIS is working? It is clearly not working. It will never work until we adjust our policies." 

Graham explained that more American troops are needed on the ground to fight against ISIS. 

Watch more from the must-see "On The Record" interview above.

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