On "The Kelly File" tonight, Judge Andrew Napolitano said that Rev. Al Sharpton created two problems by preaching politics during a speaking engagement last week in a church. 

Megyn Kelly said that Sharpton attacked the police, criticized Republicans, advocated for the Democrats and organized street protests in his speech at Cleveland's Olivet Institutional Baptist Church on Friday night.

Kelly noted that the NAACP - a tax exempt group - asked the MSNBC talk show host to give the speech in Cleveland.

She asked Napolitano how many "ethical" problems Sharpton created by speaking at the church. 

"He's created some ethical problems and even some legal problems," Napolitano replied. 

Napolitano explained that the NAACP is a tax exempt organization and the government gives it the ability "to exempt its donors from paying taxes on the donations they make to it." 

"The question is how far can he go to violate the IRS regulations, because the NAACP and the church voluntarily waived their First Amendment privileges to advocate for legislation or for and against candidates in return for that tax exempt status," Napolitano said. 'That's where they would get in trouble."

Napolitano added that "the Obama IRS is not going to investigate the NAACP or that church in Cleveland." 

Watch the full discussion in the video above. 

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