Did the mainstream media give President Barack Obama a pass during the 2008 campaign and during much of his time in office?

On "Media Buzz," Howard Kurtz asked that question to longtime CBS News correspondent Bob Schieffer.

"I don’t know. Maybe we were not skeptical enough. It was a campaign,” said Schieffer, who signed off Sunday morning after 24 years hosting "Face the Nation." 

The 78-year-old reporter said that a politician's job is to deliver a message, but the media's job should be to find the "truth." 

Schieffer said he doesn't believe that process always needs to be "adversarial" between a journalist and a candidate. 

Kurtz asked whether in previous years, D.C. journalists were "too cozy" with politicians. 

Schieffer lamented that nobody in D.C. really knows each other anymore, saying "the town worked a lot better" when politicians knew each other and had relationships with journalists.

He said lawmakers now spend much more time in their home districts raising money. 

Watch the interview above. 

Also, watch Schieffer's emotional farewell from Sunday's "Face The Nation."