After a six-year-old girl was put on the wrong school bus not once but twice, her mother is fed up with the school district and wants answers.

Jomyra Mckenzie was supposed to be dropped off at a daycare after getting out of school for the day at Bancroft Elementary in Minneapolis.

Instead, she was put on the wrong bus, which took her nearly two miles away. She had to walk home alone across streets and through alleys.

Luckily, a neighbor found Jomyra after hearing her crying.

Her mother, Ciare Mckenzie, says this happened before just six months ago.

When she asked for an explanation from the school, Ciare says she was told, "It's no big deal. It happens all the time."

"Oh, it happens all the time? That means something needs to be done about it," Ciare said.

The interim communications director at Minneapolis Public Schools had no comment but said that student safety is a top priority for the district.

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