Richard and Mary Arambula just celebrated their 70th anniversary, and they received an incredible, star-studded anniversary gift, thanks to their granddaughter.

One year ago, Belinda Bannister began writing letters to celebrities, asking them to send their best wishes to her grandparents for their anniversary.

More than 150 celebrities, including every living president, George Clooney, Regis Philbin, Shaquille O'Neal, Jerry Lewis and Pope Francis, wrote back.

Belinda revealed on "Fox and Friends Weekend" that she wrote approximately 250 letters.

"We just started reaching out to people to sort of have a virtual party for them," Belinda said. "We just started writing and started getting responses."

Mary said that she was expecting to celebrate the anniversary with a small family get-together and was totally surprised by the amazing gift.

"Everything was under wraps," Richard explained. "What with Belinda living in Germany and negotiating the arrangements through the Internet and unbeknown to us, all these arrangements were being concluded in secrecy, you might say."

Which message was your favorite? Anna Kooiman asked.

Richard and Mary agreed that the note from the pope is their favorite.

Watch more in the clip above.

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