A group of veterans from across the country moved to Arizona to attend flight school, but learned their program had been suspended just as they were about to begin training. 

Through the G.I. Bill, veterans have been able to go to school and have it paid for, including flight schools. 

The Veterans Administration has now suspended funding for the flight training program through Yavapai College.

The 40 veterans who were scheduled to start the program this month weren't notified until it was too late. 

KSAZ reported:

"I was actually in the middle of packing up my house when I got the e-mail from the college that program had been suspended," said Patrick Needham.

Needham retired from the Air Force and enrolled in the program with the flight school and Yavapai College. He sold his house in Omaha, left a well-paying job, moved his wife and children to Prescott, only to find out his dream of becoming a pilot would be on hold.

"They just kind of like sucker-punched us again is how it feels. Just took the benefits away that we deserved for no reason and no fault of my own and that I planned on. Absolutely planned on that. That is the whole reason we moved out here and changed our whole life," he said.

To pay for the program out of pocket, the cost for two years would be about $100,000. 

KSAZ reported that the flight school has reached out to legislators, including Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), for help with this problem. 

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