A newly hired flight attendant could lose her job after she posed for photos inside a plane's engine well.  

Some passengers who had just boarded a Spirit Airlines plane at the Chicago O'Hare International Airport looked out their windows and saw flight attendant Ericka Paige Diehl posing for photos. 

One of the passengers was not pleased by Diehl's actions and decided to contact a local news station. Diehl shared the photos on her Facebook page, but they have since been taken down. 

"Spirit prides itself on a safety always culture," a message to Spirit employees reads. "In order to ensure everyone's safety and make our protocols clear, only those with a business need should be on the ramp or in any other restricted areas."

On "Happening Now," today we heard some legal analysis about the case from former prosecutor Fred Tecce and defense attorney Brian Silber.

Tecce told Jenna Lee that Diehl shouldn't be fired for what she did.  

"What this woman did was a non-event, a non-issue," Tecce said. "It did not in any way compromise safety. It is a tradition among both pilots and flight attendants to have your picture taken...They do it all the time."

Silber agreed with Tecce, noting that no damage was done.

"Let's talk about this passenger for a second," Sibler said. "They didn't get off the flight. The passenger took the flight. They weren't afraid for safety...They didn't report this to the FAA or police, they went to a news station. This was about the passenger and not about the lady. And I think that's very telling here."

Watch the discussion above.

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