Though the unemployment rate has dropped to 5.4%, a record-high 93 million Americans are not in the labor force.

Watters' World hit the streets of Providence, Rhode Island - where the unemployment rate is near 8% - to talk to the folks there about the economic climate. 

Here's some highlights of what he encountered: 

You go to college? 


Why not?

I chose a different life path. I pretty much went right to the rave scene. I do all kinds of club dancing and stuff. 

Do you get paid to dance?

I get in for free. 

Do you think you've been held back at all by anything in this country?

Just Prohibition, all that stuff.

Oh, you mean the recession? 


Did you go to college? 

I don't care about college. Sometimes people don't want to just go to college. ... We all got the same dreams. We all trying to get rich. Trying to make it to the top. 

How do you get paid? 

I don't get paid.

Not everyone he came in contact with was unemployed. O'Reilly applauded one woman in the report, who works full-time at Subway and is going to school pursuing a career in law enforcement.

She said "hard word, dedication, and motivation" are the keys to her success. 

After the segment, O'Reilly pointed out to Watters that critics are going to say he just sought out specific people. 

"Well, if you're walking around in the middle of the day, when most people are working ... If it's 11:00, what are you doing just wandering around?" Watters explained. 

He said at one point, he went over to a crowd that had gathered near a car accident. 

Watch the full segment above.

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