How much cheddar would you pay for a pound of cheese?

One Wisconsin cheese maker is selling a limited quantity of 20-year-old cheddar cheese for $209 a pound. 

Hook's Cheese Co. of Mineral Point began selling the highly anticipated cheese today and it's in short supply. 

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, most of the 450-pound supply is already taken. The majority of orders were placed after the planned sale was announced earlier this year. 

There's only about 20 pounds of the cheddar that hasn't been sold yet. 

Cheese makers Tony and Julie Hook are donating $40,000 from the cheese sale to the Center for Dairy Research and the Babcock Hall building project underway at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  

“The dairy center has done so much good, we’re trying to help,” Tony Hook told the Journal. “They’re helping future generations and even our generation now.”

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