UPDATE: The woman in the photo has now spoken out after the picture generated so much online criticism, saying the proposal was the bride's idea.

The bride is also her sister.

Megan from Iowa told The Daily News that everyone in the now-viral picture knew about the proposal beforehand, except for her.

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Someone forgot to tell this guy the most important rule of a wedding: don't steal the bride's thunder! 

In this photo, which has gone viral since it was uploaded to Reddit, a man pops the question right in front of the bride and groom's table. 

The groom seems unfazed, but the bride on the other hand? Well, the picture is worth a thousand words. 

Many who've seen the photo instantly pointed out that the bride appears to be forcing a smile, but privately cringing. 

After the photo started to make headlines, it was removed from Reddit. The people in the photo have not been identified.

"Fox and Friends" asked this morning: is this OK to do at someone else's wedding?

"Don't be that guy," said Brian. 

What do you think?

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