Here's a good-news update on a story we brought you last week... 

Authorities in Mississippi say a police canine is expected to make a full recovery after he saved his partner from a brutal roadside ambush by three men. 

The incident happened May 18 when Hancock County Sheriff's Deputy Todd Frazier (picture above) got out of his squad car to check on a driver who was sitting in his vehicle at a rest stop.

Police believe it was a trap, because then two other men emerged from the woods. Deputy Frazier was beaten and slashed with a box cutter, reportedly telling him they were going to slit his throat.

Authorities believe the attackers intended to drag him into the woods and kill him, but Frazier was able to hit the remote control to open his squad car’s door.

That's when Lucas sprang out of the car and jumped into the fray, biting at least one of the assailants and forcing them to flee.

Deputy Frazier suffered a cut on his head and other bodily injuries. Lucas tore a ligament, broke some teeth and sustained road rash.

A manhunt is continuing for the three suspects, described as black males. Police are on the lookout for a blue Lincoln Town Car. 

They're not sure whether the attack is linked to recent threats made to police officers by gangs. 

Here's their update: 


We have received numerous calls and messages with concerns on how Canine Lucas is doing. While Canine Lucas suffered a...

Posted by Hancock County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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