Fox News national security analyst K.T. McFarland reacted this morning (video above) after Bill Hemmer challenged White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on the administration's strategy against ISIS.

In the interview, Earnest emphasized that the Iraqis will have to deal with the ISIS problem.

Earnest acknowledged "setbacks," like the fall of Ramadi to ISIS forces, but also highlighted successes in Tikrit and in killing a top ISIS leader in Syria. 

"We're not gonna be in a situation where the United States is doing for the Iraqi people what they must do for themselves, which is taking the fight to ISIL on the ground in their country," he said. 

Watch the full interview:

McFarland said the administration is going to have to admit that the strategy isn't working, pointing to losses by the Iraqis in Mosul, Ramadi and Fallujah.

She said that the administration's position of helping the Iraqis defeat ISIS is not an option any longer. 

McFarland emphasized that time and time again, Iraqi soldiers refused to fight ISIS despite having a far larger force.

"The dirty little secret is [that] there is no more Iraq. The administration's policy of saying, 'we're gonna train the Iraqi army, we're gonna arm the Iraqi army, they're gonna stand up and fight.' No they're not," she said. 

McFarland said the Iraqi army has become a Shiite force controlled by Iran, which has no interest in defending the Sunni and Kurdish areas of Iraq against ISIS. 

She said sending more weapons and conducting more training is not going to make the Iraqis fight ISIS.

"They haven't done it and they're not gonna do it," she said.