A New Hampshire mom is searching for answers after her deceased daughter's identity was stolen and used by a tax fraudster.

Lori Weeks told Bill Hemmer this morning on "America's Newsroom" that her daughter, Madison, died last year in a car accident. Weeks explained that her family was shocked to find out that someone had already used her daughter's social security number in a fraudulent 2014 federal income tax filing. 

"It was like a kick in the gut to find out that the last opportunity that we had as a family to on paper be claimed as a family of four, to say that we had two daughters, was being stolen from us by a perfect stranger. [It] was devastating to say the least," Weeks said. "We had no idea that kind of thing existed."

She said that the process to figure out how to fix the problem was "incredibly confusing" and that she ran into a brick wall. Weeks added that she spent hours on the phone and online with multiple agencies who weren't able to help her. 

Weeks told Hemmer that she decided to reach out to Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) for assistance. She said that Ayotte helped her with the problem and that within six weeks they settled the financial portion of the case.

But Weeks said that she has no clue who stole Madison's identity.  

"We don't get to find out who it was or where they're from," Weeks said. "We don't know what information they have about our daughter, whether or not they have photographs of her or her medical records. We really just don't have any answers."

Watch more in the video above. 

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