A Florida high school student says she was stripped of her election to the National Honor Society over the dress she wore. 

After giving a speech at a National Honor Society event in Lee County, Cameron Boland said she and another student were informed that they had violated the dress code. 

Fort Myers High School prohibits dresses - like the one below - that do not cover up the shoulders. 

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Boland said she was then informed that she would not be able to assume her position representing the school at NHS events. 

The school said in a statement: 

The dress code is an implied expectation for events during the school day, as was indicated by the more than three dozen students that were in dress code on this day, including others from Ft. Myers High. The event was held during a school day, at a school.

Unfortunately, Ft. Myers High did not send an advisor to this meeting so there was not someone from their home school to meet these girls upon arrival to address the issue of their dress.

That aside, this was a decision among the NHS advisors from each school, including that of their own advisor at Ft. Myers High School (who was consulted via phone). The decision to reinstate would likewise be a decision among NHS advisors. I am not certain when the advisors will meet again as a group.

Boland, wearing the same dress, talked to Elisabeth Hasselbeck this morning about what happened. 

She said she ran unopposed for the position at the meeting, which was held at a different area high school.

As she was getting set to hear the election winners announced, she noticed the advisors talking for about 30 minutes. 

"None of us knew what was going on. I was later told that I had my position revoked because of what I was wearing," said Boland.

Elisabeth noted that the dress does not really appear to be inappropriate. Boland offered to put a jacket on and re-deliver her speech, rather than be denied the position, but was not allowed to do so.

Her mother, Caroline Boland, said that the school's rules stipulate that a first dress code violation will result in a reprimand. 

"The students voted for her to assume this position, presumably on the basis of her brains and her accomplishments, not her dress," Caroline said.

Cameron said she wants her position back and an apology. 

Watch the interview above.

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