The mother of a fallen U.S. Marine is asking for help after someone stole a priceless jacket and bracelets that commemorated her son.

William La Jeunesse said this morning that the crime occurred on Memorial Day when a thief or thieves ransacked Rosalia Verbeek’s car in the small California farming community of Visalia.

The Gold Star jacket is only worn by mothers who’ve lost sons or daughters in combat.

Verbeek said the jacket was a gift from her husband a few years ago, but up until recently she couldn't bear the pain she felt while wearing it. 

"It's a hard thing to put on. When I did, I felt like I was honoring my son. Now it's gone," she said.

The bracelets bore the name of Marine Cpl. Jared Verbeek, who was killed in Afghanistan four years ago.

He would have turned 26 last week and the Verbeeks still go twice a day to his grave.

Police have no leads at this point. Rosalia said whoever took the items can return them to her doorstep with no questions asked.