Virginia residents are fired up about the opening of a new gun shop.

Nova Firearms co-owner and Marine Corps veteran James Gates is opening a second gun shop five miles from his original store. Nearly 2,000 people have signed a petition to try to stop the gun shop from opening. 

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The petition, started by Susan Newton, cites concerns about the potential location's proximity to schools.

The petition reads:

It is unconscionable, in an era where our children are forced to practice "lock down" drills designed to train them how to protect themselves from armed intruders, to locate a gun shop anywhere in the vicinity of schools. The fear of armed intruders permeates their education, and placing a shop that sells guns and/or ammunition within immediate distance of schools is confusing to students at best, and sparks fears of access to them at school at worst.

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Gates said today on “Fox and Friends” that anyone under 17 who isn’t accompanied by an adult won’t be allowed near the firearms.

“Fox and Friends” co-host Clayton Morris asked Gates what he would say to critics who say that the last thing America needs is more guns on the streets.

“Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion,” Gates said. “I feel safer having a firearm in my house at night […] the police can’t always be there every second of the day.”

The gun shop is expected to open in mid-August.

Watch the "Fox and Friends" interview above and let us know your opinion.