A Wisconsin school board has voted to ban all Native American logos on student attire, effective next year.

The Madison Metropolitan School District will no longer allow students to wear attire which depicts “Native American teams, logos, or mascots,” according to the amended rule.

Ellie Reynolds, of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, called the new rule “terrible.”

“It’s PC police gone way too far,” she said.

The district said in a statement that the proposal was brought up by the student body.

“This proposal was developed and brought to us by our students, and is intended to address the negative racial stereotypes that some of our youth experience … we are happy to support it,” the district said in a statement.

Reynolds said the school shouldn’t be able to dictate what students can wear.

“This is not the proper role of government, to use government force to step in and tell people what t-shirts they can and cannot wear,” she said.

Reynolds asked: is this really what Madison wants to teach its kids?

“We’re teaching our children that we should carve out this history, set it aside, and not bring Native Americans into the school system or talk about the history, and that’s the wrong message to be sending to the children,” she said.

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