On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to the controversy surrounding a new movie by Sony Pictures.

Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone are starring in the new Cameron Crowe film titled "Aloha." The movie was filmed in Hawaii and opens there today.

Gutfeld explained that the film is "being accused of demeaning its culture," because of the movie title. 

He said that some native Hawaiians are upset, because "the sacred word is now being used as a commodity."

"If you guessed that it's activists who are upset, you're right, because that's what activists do," Gutfeld stated. "As one professor there says, 'Hawaii is the verdant background for white fantasies.'"

"Further proof that wherever there's an ethnic studies department, there is that - it's the academic version of the measles," Gutfeld said. "An infection that recasts cultural appreciation as cultural appropriation, so now using common language is hurtful."

He explained that "Aloha" conveys more than just "hello."

"It's compassion, mercy, grace, love - attributes missing from ethnic studies professors," he quipped.

Gutfeld said that you shouldn't see the movie if the movie title upsets you. 

"Or consider that Hawaii is always portrayed as great in every show or movie. If America were a classroom, Hawaii is always the coolest kid," he added. 

Watch Gutfeld's monologue in the clip above.

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