Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) said on “On The Record” that ISIS has gained momentum and that President Barack Obama's policy is wrong.

"I think that the White House needs to change its policy on how it's dealing with ISIS," Gabbard said. "And how it's dealing with Iraq, and how it's specifically dealing with this central government in Baghdad..."

Gabbard shared that she's frustrated with the Obama administration, because they refuse "to provide direct arms, equipment and support to the Kurds and the Sunni tribes" who are fighting against ISIS.

Democratic Rep. Gabbard: 'We're Not Recognizing Who Our Enemy Is'

"We've got to recognize that they are our troops on the ground and we need to support them," Gabbard stated. 

She said that the U.S. needs to assist in defeating the terrorist organization.

"If we're truly focused on defeating ISIS, we've got to recognize the problems with the current strategy and fix that, so that we can actually accomplish this mission," Gabbard said.

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