Laura Ingraham said this morning it will not be surprising if women's magazines, like Vogue, help Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. 

In a new report, Politico highlighted the importance of women's magazines, which reach more than 50 million people. It also looked at how the publications are increasing their political coverage. 

They’ve also ramped up their interest in politics, delving into hot-button issues like abortion rights and gay marriage and profiling members of Congress on both sides of the aisle. But a POLITICO review of several of the magazines’ past few months of coverage suggests that readers will be getting a heavy dose of liberal cheerleading this campaign season along with their skincare, makeup and fashion tips.

“We’re thrilled that Hillary is in the race,” said Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Anne Fulenwider, whose May issue included an entire section on the women who run Washington. “We’d love to see a woman president for the United States.”

Vogue editor Anna Wintour has publicly expressed support for Clinton, while Elle featured Chelsea Clinton on the cover during the week that the former First Lady launched her campaign. 

Laura Ingraham weighed in this morning on "Fox and Friends," observing that this is yet another indication of how Hollywood and prominent liberals can help the Clinton campaign. 

"None of this is surprising, and I think you’re going to see Hollywood completely motivated to try to get Hillary elected, just as they were with the Obamas, and it’s going to be ramped up across television. I wouldn’t be surprised if children’s television shows had some Hillary push! I think they're gonna be using every tool in the toolbox," she said.

Watch Laura's full analysis above, including on President Obama's Memorial Day comments on foreign policy.