Allegations continue to surface that the Department of Veterans Affairs has been retaliating against whistleblowers who have spoken up about poor service and the covering up of long patient wait times.

Army vet and VA support assistant Lisa Tadano, who has spent 15 years with the VA, explained on "Fox and Friends" that after she voiced concerns about the agency in 2013, her private medical records were illegally accessed.

"My medical records were accessed by Penny Miller, a social worker who I don’t know and, again, had no authorization to be in my medical records," Tadano said. "For what reason she went in there, I still don’t know to this day, and I’m not certain if I will."

Do you think this was done as punishment for being a whistleblower? Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked.

Tadano said that she believes she was being punished for coming forward and speaking up on behalf of vets.

"If this is how they can find out any information on me and any other whistleblowers, then I think they’re going to use it," Tadano said.

Watch the "Fox and Friends" clip above.

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