Panicked beachgoers watched in horror yesterday as a waterspout-turned-tornado sent a bounce house flying 20 feet into the air.

The EF-0 tornado made landfall on a crowded Fort Lauderdale beach, launching the bounce house. Three kids were inside as it flipped over and soared 20 feet into the air. The horrifying ordeal was caught on camera.

Shadaja Bryant, 5, was inside the bounce house and fractured her arm.

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“I was about to die,” she said.

Shadaja’s stepbrother broke his arm, and one other girl was kept in a hospital overnight, but is expected to be OK.

Bounce houses account for 11,000 injuries annually, and they send one child to the emergency room every 45 minutes.

Police are investigating the incident, but they say the bounce house was properly secured.

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