PacSun has pulled a controversial t-shirt from its shelves after an outcry from veterans.

The clothing retailer prompted outrage for featuring a black shirt with an upside-down flag in Memorial Day displays. The upside-down flag is a sign of distress.

“I don’t see anyone in distress with that shirt, and as far as I’m concerned, anybody that disgraces the American flag is an enemy of mine,” Vietnam War veteran Ron Davies said.

PacSun said in a statement posted to Facebook Monday that it would no longer sell the shirt “out of respect for those who have put their lives on the line for our country.”

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The statement said:

As a retailer grounded in youth culture, PacSun values artistic and creative expression through the brands that we sell in our stores. Out of respect for those who have put their lives on the line for our country, we have decided to stop selling the licensed flag t-shirt and are removing it from our stores and website immediately. We thank the men and women in uniform for their extraordinary service.

Radio talk show hosts David Webb and Leslie Marshall discussed the shirt today on “America’s Newsroom.”

Webb said that the apology and removal of the shirt was “too late,” calling the shirt’s designer “idiotic.”

Marshall said that the timing was a poor choice, but that Americans have the freedom to design, print, sell, buy or protest these shirts.

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