Kimberly Guilfoyle tonight previewed her new book, “Making the Case: How to Be Your Own Best Advocate,” which is in stores today.

Kimberly said she has been “making the case” since she was a little girl, recalling how her mother passed away after a long, brave battle with leukemia when Kimberly was just 11 years old.

“Throughout her illness, I remember ‘making a case’ with God: ‘Please help her live.’ I believe now that God did answer my prayers, because she still lives on with me, and she shaped me into who I am today,” Kimberly said.

She called her father, Tony, the greatest influence in her life. Tony, who passed away in 2008, raised Kimberly and her brother as a single father after their mother died.

“He did the most incredible job teaching my brother and I to do our best, admit it if we made a mistake, and if we did, try again,” Kimberly recalled. “I remember Dad used to send me to my room to build my case. He told me to think hard about what I wanted and go after it, so I did, and I still do today.”

Kimberly said she wanted to be a lawyer since she was a little girl. She paid her way through law school by working several jobs, including as a model. She said she knew the odds were stacked against her as a female Latina hoping to work in a male-dominated field, yet she became deputy district attorney in Los Angeles – where she was nicknamed ‘The Hurricane’ – and later became assistant district attorney in San Francisco.

Kimberly reflected on serving as first lady of San Francisco while married to her first husband Gavin Newsom, calling it one of the greatest honors of her life. It was during that time that she transitioned from the courtroom to the TV studio, landing a job as a host on Court TV and then joining Fox News in 2006.

"The Five" co-host said that the greatest joy of her life is her 8-year-old son Ronan.

“As Ronan gets older, I try to encourage him to ask me for anything, as long as he’s prepared to build a solid case for it,” she said.

Kimberly wants her book to help others take charge of their own destiny and to prompt them to speak up on their own behalf.

“And when they’ve mastered advocating for themselves, pay those blessings forward,” she added. “I am so very thankful for all of mine.”

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