Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. reacted on "Hannity" tonight to the surge of violence in Baltimore and the installation of a plaque memorializing Michael Brown in Ferguson. 

The bloodshed in Baltimore worsened over the Memorial Day weekend, with 32 reported shootings and nine fatalities. There have now been 35 murders this month in Baltimore, the highest monthly total since 1999.

"Welcome to President Obama's 21st century transformation of the institution of policing," Clarke said. "It's been a disaster. Unnecessary black carnage is what we saw this weekend."

Clarke stated that a growing number of police officers around the country share the same mindset of the anonymous officer who spoke to Sean Hannity about proactive policing.

"That officer and no officer is going to give up on their community in terms of policing," Clarke said. "But it's pretty obvious to me the officers of the Baltimore Police Department have given up on Commissioner Batts. He abandoned them."

Clarke said that police officers around the country are watching and that "they don't want to end up on a memorial wall, they don't want to lose their lives," even though it's known that it could happen. 

Hannity asked Clarke if police officers' fear to do their job is justified in this age, referencing the six police officers who were indicted in Freddie Gray's death. 

"Ever since the days of Ferguson, this thing has been politicized," Clarke stated. "That's what the American police officer is having problems with right now ... It's now almost this mob rule that wants not justice, they want revenge."

Clarke also told Hannity that it's "disgraceful" that Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III is installing a permanent plaque to replace the makeshift memorial in the road where Michael Brown was fatally shot last August. 

"Disgraceful, Sean. The only thing that should be drilled into the road over there is a plaque for Officer Darren Wilson who had his life ruined. Who had his world turned upside down for no reason whatsoever," Clarke stated

"How does he put his life back together? Why would they honor Mike Brown when Mike Brown was trying to disarm Officer Darren Wilson? That is a felony. He was engaged in felonious conduct, not only at that point, but in the convenience store. And now they want to honor him? That’s nothing more than appeasement, and it’s a disgrace."

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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