A powerful photograph of a Marine praying with his bride-to-be wasn't the only image that captured people's attention over Memorial Day weekend.

Amateur photographer Frank Glick's incredible shot of a bald eagle perched atop a gravestone at Fort Snelling National Cemetery was tweeted by the Department of Veterans Affairs on Sunday, and it touched a nerve with many Americans.

Glick and his companion, Jo Edwards-Johns, spoke to Gretchen Carlson on "The Real Story" about the amazing photo and how it has touched so many people.

Glick explained that he was taking pictures early one morning several years ago when he spotted the bald eagle in the cemetery. He snapped the photo, not knowing it would be such a powerful image.

He revealed that the widow of Maurice Ruch, the soldier on whose gravestone the eagle was perched, was extremely moved by the photo, particularly because she and her husband used to photograph eagles themselves.

"So it really meant a lot of her in a lot of different ways," Glick explained.

Watch the "Real Story" clip above.

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