After being put on one of Saddam Hussein's "kill lists," Awaz Barwari and her newborn daughter, Lava, attempted to flee Iraq, but were stopped at a border checkpoint.

It appeared that they would not be able to escape Iraq until an American soldier stepped in and managed to save them.

18 years later, Lava was able to track down U.S. Army Lt. Col. Greg Pepin (Ret.) and the three were emotionally reunited at her high school graduation.

On "Fox and Friends Weekend," Lava explained that a friend who heard her incredible story recommended that she try and get in contact with Pepin.

"My mom and I looked him up and what ended up happening was she didn't think that I could get in contact with him after finding out he was the vice president of Boeing and the president of Boeing International," Lava said.

But she was able to get in touch with Pepin, who said that he wouldn't miss the commencement ceremony for the world.

"It was amazing, absolutely amazing to see them safe in America and how they've embraced America and how America has embraced them," Pepin said. "It was a fantastic experience."

"Absolutely worth it. This is what I think the military is about, not only saving and protecting our homeland, but helping and getting other people to a free and democratic country to go live the American Dream. So yes, it’s absolutely very, very rewarding."

Watch the touching "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above.

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