Two fallen American warriors, Marine Travis Manion and Navy SEAL Brendan Looney, were best friends and former roommates at the U.S. Naval Academy. Now, after making the ultimate sacrifice, the two American heroes are buried next to each other at Arlington National Cemetery ― "brothers forever."

Manion's father, Col. Tom Manion (Ret.), a decorated Marine in his own right, wrote a book about his son and Looney's incredible, moving story, fittingly called "Brothers Forever."

Manion explained to Leland Vittert on "America's News Headquarters" that his son only had one college on his list: the Naval Academy. There, he met Looney and the two became roommates and best friends.

After joining the Navy SEALs, Looney was deployed to Afghanistan. Manion served in Iraq, where he was killed on April 29, 2007 while fighting to rescue his fellow Marines from danger.

On September 21, 2010, Looney gave his own life with eight others in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

Looney’s wife requested that the brothers in uniform be buried next to one another, and so they were.

"These young men and women that step forward to serve and what they do for us, whether at the Naval Academy or those that enlist and join the different services, they have a strong belief in something bigger than themselves," Manion explained.

"They believe in service and they're patriots and they love this country."

What would your son want from all Americans on Memorial Day? Vittert asked.

"I'm not sure that the men and women that didn't come back want us to necessarily mourn all day on Memorial Day," Manion said. "They want us to be proud of our country. They loved our country. They want us to celebrate who we are and celebrate what the sacrifice was all about."

"We, as Americans, could do a lot more to stand up for what they stood for."

Watch the "America's News Headquarters" interview above and read more about Manion and Looney in "Brothers Forever."

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