The School of Nursing at the University of Minnesota is using funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs to specially train students to understand veterans' complex medical demands and give America's heroes better treatment.

Brad Foley, clinical instructor at VA Nurse Academic Partnership, explained on "Fox and Friends Weekend" that the program is receiving $5.3 million in funding from the VA to train an extra 20 nursing students per year to specialize in treating veterans.

"We've really tried to broaden the experience of our graduates, so they have done some work in the homeless programs at the VA, some in mental health clinics, as well addressing some of the physical concerns," Foley said.

"One of the goals of this program, beyond simply training nurses and educating nurses to care for veterans, is inter-professional care to bring this to all the clinicians that are out there serving veterans, both at the VA and in the community," Foley said.

"And to really try to make sure that wherever a veteran seeks care that that care is appropriate and really takes advantage of the resources that veterans have in the community and in the entire country."

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