A Milwaukee man was pronounced dead Tuesday after collapsing inside his high-rise apartment. The only problem? He wasn't actually dead!

According to reports, 46-year-old Thomas Sancomb was "cold to the touch and in rigor" when emergency responders found him collapsed at the end of his bed.

He was pronounced dead and a forensic investigator informed his brother of his passing.

But when a team arrived to transport Sancomb's body to the morgue, he had "spontaneous respirations" and began moving his arm and leg.

A heartbeat was found and he was rushed to the hospital. Incredibly, he is expected to be OK.

Sancomb's brother says that a thyroid problem put him into a coma and dropped his body temperature.

A spokesperson for the Milwaukee Fire Department says an internal investigation is being conducted and the results should be available next week.

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above.

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