An Atlanta man stopped a potential carjacker by holding him at gunpoint until police arrived, and a witness captured it all on camera.

Hashim Fannin says the incident occurred when he pulled into a parking spot at a Family Dollar store. When his doors automatically unlocked, a man opened the door and slipped into the passenger's seat.

Fannin says the man said, "You know what this is." That's when Fannin pulled his gun out and ordered the man to lie face down on the ground until police arrived.

“You weren't trying to rob me? You just get into random people's cars or something?" Fannin says to the man in the cell phone video.

"You thought I was your friend? You thought I was your friend? So you woke up stupid this morning?"

When officers arrive, Fannin puts his gun down and waves them over. An officer shakes Fannin's hand before putting the carjacker in handcuffs.

The suspect was arrested for attempted robbery, according to a police report.

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above.

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