Lt. Col. John Klatt has served three tours of duty in Iraq in the Air National Guard and flown post-9/11 missions in New York and Washington, D.C.

This weekend, Klatt is performing at the Bethpage Air Show on Long Island, New York, and Bryan Llenas got a sneak peek of the show, flying with Klatt in the Air National Guard Extra 300L stunt plane.

"And, man, what a ride it is," Llenas said.

"I've been flying air shows full-time for 15 years and I've been flying my entire life," Klatt told Llenas. "It's been a lifetime pursuit to be able to perfect those skills that people are going to see in the air show this week. It's an honor for me to be here."

"There's a connection between the pilot and the spectator," Klatt explained. "As a young boy, I used to go to air shows ... I looked up and I connected with one pilot at an air show. And I said, 'I want to be a pilot.' So it's really magical what can happen between somebody on the ground and somebody in the sky."

Llenas reported that Klatt says that air shows are a part of the fabric of America, a tribute to our veterans and something that can inspire the next generation.

"And I did not puke, so there you go," Llenas noted.

Watch the vertigo-inducing "America's News Headquarters" clip above.

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