"The Kelly File" continued to report on the explosion in crime in Baltimore following the decision to charge six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray. 

Earlier on Thursday, all six officers charged in the police-custody death were indicted by a grand jury. 

There have now been 100 murders in Baltimore this year, compared to 71 over the same period last year. 

Police Commissioner Anthony Batts said this week that large crowds are gathering at crime scenes, preventing officers from doing their jobs.

Batts said multiple units need to be sent to perform basic police work in the western district, where the Gray arrest happened.

From the day Gray was arrested, April 19, through May 16, there have been 33 homicides in Baltimore. There were 15 over that same span in 2014. 

Sources connected to the Baltimore police department shared with "The Kelly File" stories of low morale among rank-and-file officers. 

They explained that officers feel betrayed by city leaders, with one saying, they're "being the nice police that everyone wants and this is the result you get."

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke reacted Thursday night, saying he doesn't believe officers are giving up on the city, but have "quit on police commissioner Batts."

Clarke said Batts "threw [police officers] under the bus a long time ago," including calling police the "problem" following the riots.

Clarke said "self-initiated policing" is dwindling in the city even faster than he thought it would. 

He explained that "self-initiated policing" means that when officers are on patrol and they see something that looks suspicious, they take action.

"You'll find people wanted on serious warrants with self-initiated policing, you'll find large amounts of drugs, you'll find guns being transported to and from drive-by shootings, maybe a hold-up man fleeing. That's out the window right now. They have quit on Commissioner Batts," said Clarke. 

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