Well, here's something you don't see every day (thankfully).

Witnesses at Charlotte-Douglas Airport said yesterday that a man stripped off all of his clothes during an argument with an airline employee.

The man was apparently upset that his flight to Jamaica had been overbooked. After yelling for a bit about the unexpected turn of events, he then got completely naked.

A traveler named Sherry Ketchie snapped some photos of the nude man and posted them on Facebook.

She said it took police about an hour to arrive.

During that time, other passengers were getting upset because children were seeing all of this unfold.

The man was then led away in handcuffs and received medical treatment, but he will not face charges.

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Ketchie said that the man kept claiming that his body was "on fire."

Police reportedly described the incident as a "disturbance call where a male was suffering from a medical issue."

Watch Trace Gallagher's report above.

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