On "Hannity" tonight, Judge Andrew Napolitano said that the Patriot Act is "unconstitutional" and that it doesn't work.

Napolitano told Andrea Tantaros that he agrees with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) about the Patriot Act being an unconstitutional intrusion on Americans' privacy.

He also called Paul the only 2016 presidential candidate who is "faithful to the Constitution."

Napolitano stated that the Fourth Amendment "absolutely prohibits general warrants." 

He explained that "search warrants can only come about when the government has probable cause to believe that someone is committing a crime."

Napolitano added that the warrant "must specifically describe the person or place to be seized, or the thing to be searched." 

He said that the Patriot Act "violates our freedom."

"The problem with this Andrea, is that it not only violates our freedom, by invading our privacy, it doesn’t work," he stated. "It’s far too much information for the NSA to sift through."

"The framers were right when they said, ‘if you present some evidence to a court first, you already have an idea of who the bad guy is’. So if they follow the Constitution, they’ll find more bad guys and they’ll find them sooner than if they gather all information from everybody, all the time," he added.

Watch the video clip above.

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