Gretchen Carlson recently sat down with Fox News colleague and friend Dana Perino to discuss her new book, “Getting Real,” which comes out on June 16.

When asked why she decided to write the book, Gretchen explained, “Deep down, I want people to know the real me.”

Gretchen told Dana that she was blessed to grow up in a small Minnesota town with a family that taught good old-fashioned values, and she said she wanted to talk about that because some people believe that those values are no longer center stage in our society.

Gretchen added that she wants to inspire others to work hard and go for their dreams.

“If I can do it, they can do it,” she said.

Dana asked Gretchen about balancing work and family life, asking her, “Can you have it all?”

“I don’t think you can give 100 percent to everything all the time,” Gretchen said, explaining that something has to give when you have work, kids and a full life.

She also told Dana that she works, in part, for her son. Gretchen said she wants her son to have the same level of respect for female colleagues as he does for his mother when he enters the workforce.

“It’s his generation that’s going to come into the workforce and hopefully continue to look at women who are also working and admire them and have a new respect for them as colleagues and as coworkers,” she said.

Gretchen discussed how perfectionism can be a demon, and she told Dana that she realized later in life that she couldn’t be perfect.

“After turning 40, it was just really liberating, I realized, I gotta give up this perfectionism thing ‘cause it’s just really dragging me down,” she said.

Dana asked: Is there anything that people will be surprised to learn from the book?

Gretchen said that she was hesitant to reveal what has happened in the past regarding her personal safety.

“It’s a very scary and sad and heartbreaking story, and it involves so many other women who are facing this same thing in our society, and I share that,” she revealed.

Watch the discussion above and you can pre-order "Getting Real," here.

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