A group of 100 volunteers showed up to clean up an Army veteran’s home after it was spray-painted with hateful messages.

The words ‘F**k the military’ and ‘Home of a soldier, die for what?' were scrawled in graffiti across the front of Cassie McEuen’s Evanston, Wyoming, home.

Nick Arnold, of the group 307 Long Range, posted about the vandalism on Facebook and was surprised at the number of people who showed up to paint over the graffiti.

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“I put a post on Facebook, I said meet me down at the Wal-Mart parking lot in an hour if you want to help,” Arnold said. “And I was hoping for maybe 10 people, and there was over 100 people waiting for me when I got there, just an incredible amount of resolve from the group and the members in our community.”

McEuen, too, was surprised by the turnout.

“It was shocking, it was awesome,” she said.

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Arnold encouraged others to help police, firefighters, military members and teachers with simple acts of kindness.

“If we could just pay it forward somehow to the people that take care of us, I really think that’d solve a lot of things,” he said.