Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told military commanders Wednesday that he will not allow international inspection of Iran's military sites under any nuclear agreement.

Monica Crowley joined Gretchen Carlson on "The Real Story" today and pointed out that Khamenei has repeatedly said that he will not allow access to nuclear facilities or scientists, which is the whole point of a nuclear deal.

"Either they didn't read the fine print or the Ayatollah and the mullahs in Iran have been stringing us along all along, which is probably the case," Crowley said. "This is what they do."

She agreed with comments from Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA), who said that we're focusing on Iraq and not the real threat, which is Iran.

"They are the single biggest threat in the world, they are the single biggest state sponsor of terror, they are exporting their Islamist revolution now to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen," Crowley said. "We face a serious and grave threat in Iran now that has been exported to Iraq."

"And we're playing all these 'gotcha' political games that are totally irrelevant to the immediate mission in front of us, which is to deal with this number one threat facing us on the brink of having a nuclear weapon."

Watch the clip from "The Real Story" above.

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