Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday about the rising tensions between police and the black community.

Clarke criticized the use of "catch slogans" such as "Black Lives Matter" and "Hands up, Don't Shoot." He said that law enforcement officers are at a "tipping point," which could spell dangerous consequences for the communities they serve. 

On "Hannity" tonight, Clarke said that it's a problem and "huge deflection" when President Obama advances false narratives.

"The real [problem] in the American ghetto, and it is not the American police officer, it is modern liberalism that has been a wrecking ball on the black community and the black family structure," Clarke said.

"Modern liberalism celebrates black underachievement, it finds excuses for subhuman behavior, and it blames other people for some flawed lifestyle choices—questionable at best lifestyle choices—made on behalf of many young black males, unfortunately," he explained. 

Clarke said that this black subculture behavior needs to be shamed because "it denigrates the work, the blood, the sweat and tears of people who had to live through slavery and live through Jim Crow." 

"Because they would look at what's going on today, Sean, they would shun this sort of behavior. They wouldn't celebrate it like liberals and like modern liberalism has," Clarke stated.

Clarke remarked that Obama needs to do "some soul-searching, the same kind that he lectured everybody else about a couple weeks ago."

Watch the video clip above.

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