Judge Andrew Napolitano and Stuart Varney delved into the emails between then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and longtime Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal. 

At a campaign event yesterday, Clinton was asked about the New York Times report, which pointed out the relationship between Clinton and Blumenthal while she was at the State Department. 

"I have many, many old friends. ... He's been a friend of mine for a long time. He sent me unsolicited emails, which I passed on in some instances," she said.

The emails appear to show Blumenthal advising Clinton on Libya, sending her intelligence assessments and business-related information.

In their discussion this morning, Varney and the judge agreed that the Blumenthal emails could "blow the lid" off of the Clinton email story. 

Napolitano said it's clear that Clinton does not want this information getting out, despite her insistence that she wants all of her emails publicly released by the State Department.

"It's clear she doesn't want the public to see her emails with Sidney Blumenthal of all people. A guy on the payroll of the Clinton Foundation. President Obama forbade Mrs. Clinton from hiring him on the State Department payroll. While he's advising her on Benghazi, he's also advising businessmen in Benghazi as to how they can make money off of the chaos there," said Napolitano. 

Varney joked that he also thought the lid would have been blown off the IRS scandal by now, but it hasn't happened.

"Nobody from the IRS is running for president," the judge pointed out.

The judge said a key factor in all of this is whether Clinton will be ordered to turn over her entire email server, which could potentially uncover deleted emails.

Watch the discussion above.