Greg Gutfeld said on "The Five" today that Hillary Clinton is helped by the widespread belief that politicians can't be trusted.

"As each new thing erupts, her campaign becomes a game of endurance called ‘So What?’" Gutfeld remarked.

"She's the Loch Ness Monster of candidates," Gutfeld said. "Her head pops up from the waves just enough for her to emit a string of sounds. Then, back to the depths where she returns."

He explained that this evasive strategy turns her critics into old saws, repeating the same thing over and over again, which helps cover her lies.

He pointed out how Clinton and President Obama repeatedly blamed the Benghazi terror attack on a video even though the DIA knew within 24 hours of the attack that it was planned at least a week in advance.

"They pushed a video to cover their butts," Gutfeld stated, adding that the major challenge isn't Clinton herself, but the culture.

"The long-term mission for a conservative is to win that back from the left," Gutfeld said. "Because no matter what you say about Benghazi or the police or the economy, your intent is going to be smeared."

"So, candidates, lock yourself in a room and don’t come out until you learn how to express your beliefs persuasively. Because while it's OK and satisfying to nail Hillary for her lies, it helps to hammer out some truth of your own."

Watch the video above to see "The Five" co-hosts react.

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