Potential 2016 presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to Megyn Kelly in a wide-ranging "Kelly File" interview about Jeb Bush, free speech, the Iraq War and a possible run for the White House.

Megyn asked Trump what he thought of the interview she did with Bush earlier this month

"I think he's a reluctant warrior," Trump said. "I think he doesn't want to be running. I don't know why he's running. He looks unhappy. He looks like he just doesn't want to be there. I watched the interview. The questions couldn't have been any easier."

Trump said that he was against going into Iraq. 

"We decapitated Iraq and now Iran is taking over the entire Middle East," Trump said. "It's the fault of Obama there's no question...It's the fault of Bush for going in. It's the fault of Obama for getting out. It's a disaster. The war should have never happened."

Trump shared that he will announce whether or not he will run for president in June.

"I want to make the country great again," Trump said. "This country is a hell hole. We are going down fast. I am a conservative, but I have a big heart. I will take care of people."

Watch the video above. 

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