The Arizona Legislature has slashed the lifetime limit for welfare benefits from 24 months to 12 months, the shortest time frame in the U.S.

The Associated Press reported:

As a result, the Arizona Department of Economic Security will drop at least 1,600 families - including more than 2,700 children - from the state's federally funded welfare program on July 1, 2016.

The cuts of at least $4 million reflect a prevailing mood among the lawmakers in control in Arizona that welfare, Medicaid and other public assistance programs are crutches that keep the poor from getting back on their feet and achieving their potential.

Arizona state Sen. Kelli Ward, a co-sponsor of the bill, was on “Fox and Friends” to explain the decision. She said that it wasn’t a popular move, but it was a necessary one.

“We had dug ourselves into a hole, and you can’t build anything on a hole,” she said of Arizona’s deficit.

The Arizona state senator told Steve Doocy that Americans are frustrated with the way their government works.

“I hope that the federal government takes a cue from Arizona and tries to get things under control. We keep kickin’ the can down the road, and it’s not good for our citizens,” she said.

Ward noted that some welfare recipients will be eligible to apply to stay in the program.

“We aren’t going to kick anyone off who is having a hardship," she said, explaining that people who are taking care of disabled relatives or foster children can apply for maintenance of benefits.

Watch the interview above to hear more.

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