An Ohio teacher says she was fired for confronting an elementary school student about bad behavior in school.

Former Glen Oak Elementary School teacher Nicole LeMire was suspended and then terminated after she confronted a student who allegedly blew mucus onto other kids and tackled another student.

LeMire said she simply asked the student “if he knew what he was doing was hurting his friends.” She also pushed back against allegations that she pulled the student to the front of the class and made him stand there while students humiliated him.

Olentangy School District Assistant Superintendent Linda Martin said in a video statement that LeMire was fired for encouraging bullying.

“We have more than 1,200 teachers in our district, and this teacher has received more discipline than any of them,” Martin said. “This teacher was disciplined for not knowing how to deal with a special education student, and she was disciplined for repeatedly leaving a classroom full of young children unattended. But by encouraging an entire class of children to bully one of their classmates, this teacher went too far. That’s why the school board voted to terminate her employment. No teacher should encourage bullying, and sadly, that’s exactly what this teacher did.”

LeMire's attorney Joel Spitzer, who taught at the school district before becoming a lawyer, called Martin’s response “somewhat comical.” He said that the school board is reacting to allegations from the principal, who was “repeatedly attacking” LeMire.

“Ms. LeMire is a teacher in this district for 12 years. She didn’t all of a sudden in the last six months become a bad teacher," he said.

Watch the interview above.

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